How to make a Sensory Board

A sensory board is a fantastic activity to immerse your little one in a total sensory experience. You can create a sensory board using an array of different household items. You can use textured and colourful items that invite your little one to use all their senses. 

This is fantastic for working towards their developmental milestones; encouraging them to use their fine motor skills such as pulling, flicking and squishing and exploring cause and effect. It’s also a wonderful tummy time activity – great for their physical development in strengthening those neck muscles and development head control.


You will need:
✔️ Large piece of cardboard
✔️ Hot glue gun or strong glue
✔️ Various household items – avoid small items. Items can include Tin foil, Cotton wool, Small plastic mirror, Sponge/scourer, Felt, Large smooth stone/children’s blocks, Lollipop sticks, Chiffon scarf, Squishy balls

Lay out your piece of cardboard and arrange your items where you wish to place them. Try to space out items that may have similar textures, colours or sounds. Once you have decided on the arrangement, using your hot glue gun, affix your various items onto the cardboard. Leave to dry for 24 hours to ensure the items are stuck fast. Be sure to check each item is secure before giving it to your little one.

Enjoy watching your little one indulge in an amazing sensory experience. 

Remember - to always closely supervise your little one during sensory play!

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