Easy Messy Play Ideas For Toddlers

Messy Play


Sensory Messy Play Ideas

Little ones just love getting messy!

Messy play is fantastic for exploring different textures and stimulating the tactile sense.

Benefits of Messy Play

  • Supports Cognitive Development as little ones think, explore and figure things out
  • Fosters Math Skills- counting, measuring, shapes, matching – the list is endless!
  • Lays a Foundation in Science – conducting their first scientific experiments!
  • Encourages Social Development- playing together and collaborating!
  • Creates a Sense of Responsibility – as they achieve a sense of accomplishment in following instruction and also getting involved helping tidy up
  • Improves Fine Motor Skills - including hand-eye coordination, grasp strength, dexterity, and pinching. Promotes Creativity
  • Promotes Creativity - spontaneous and open-ended play!
  • Develops Language Skills as they chat and describe what they are doing and gain lots of new words!

Easy Messy Play Ideas

From around 12 months you can introduce some of these messy play activities to stimulate your little one’s sense of touch!

  • Everyday food items such as jelly, yoghurt, noodles etc are great for hiding objects. Place the items in a plastic container or a small baby bath/ball pit and cover them with the food item and watch little ones feel their way through the mess to find each object. They may have a sneaky taste too and will definitely need a bath after.
  • Turn old baby socks into sensory bags. Fill them with dry beans, rice, pasta, flour or any other grains and seal. Little ones will have hours of fun playing with them, touching them, hiding them in boxes or walking on them.
  • Use cool pops for sensory play as they feel great to squish and squash! Little ones can play with them frozen or melted and they’ll learn about different colours, lengths and shapes.
  • Water and bubbles are fantastic for sensory play. Fill the sink or a basin with water and bubbles, throw in some toy dishes, or their stacking cups are great for this, and let them have lots of bubbly fun. Make sure to supervise little ones at all times around water.
  • Hand or foot painting with water is another great messy play activity. All you need is some coloured sugar or construction paper, a brush and a bowl of water!

Have fun – remember adult supervision is required at all times.

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