Amazing Benefits of Lego and Building Blocks

It’s National Lego Day today celebrating these incredibly ingenious and enriching toys! 🧱
Did you know that these colourful plastic bricks have entertained children and adults around the world for nearly 70 years?
Not only do Lego and building blocks and even stacking cups provide hours of entertainment, they are fantastic for so many areas of child development as they engage a ton of skills.
So what skills are little ones developing through playing with Lego and building blocks?
  • Fine Motor Skills - building up strong little muscles in their hands that will help them do other skills, such as learn to write.
  • Improved hand-eye co-ordination - as little ones build, they are using their hands in new and exciting ways.
  • A Sense of Accomplishment building self-confidence and encouraging them to try more and more complex tasks developing persistence and patience!
  • Problem solving - it doesn’t matter whether a child uses an instruction booklet or builds completely from their own imagination. They are solving a puzzle!
  • Science - the foundation of science is to come up with an idea and to prove it practically. Little ones are doing this simply by coming up with an idea then developing it!
  • Engineering Want to build a tower? Then you must figure out how to make it stand up. Little ones quickly learn that a tower made of a single column quickly falls. By creating a stable base, they open up a new world of possibilities!
  • Creativity - little ones become creators with the assortment of piece providing hours of entertainment which is also very therapeutic.
  • Teamwork and Social Skills – there’s so much fun for little ones playing together teaching basic teamwork and communication skills when working together to achieve a common goal!
Remember that Lego is only intended for children old enough not to swallow them but younger little ones can get just as much enjoyment and benefits with bigger play bricks or My First Stacking Cups!
To celebrate National Lego Day please tag us as you and your little ones enjoy playing Lego, building blocks or My First Stacking Cups today!

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